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heather and dan

for me, this wedding came on the heels of having my basement flooded, so i was a little nervous and off when i first arrived. but once i started shooting it was “game on”! having never met the bride, i only met with dan a few months back, i was wondering what everything would be like.

i was pleasantly surprised. they did an amazing job of decorating the ballrooms at martin’s west in westminster. there was lots of black, but it actually made the room pop!

the night was kind of rainy, so we actually did everything indoors, a total change for me, but it turned out awesome! they did “heavy hors d’oeuvres”, instead of a sit-down or buffet dinner, and it was awesome! the food was amazing!

thanks for a fun and exciting evening guys! you were incredible!

flower detailthey had a simple black and white theme to the decorations, totally worked for the space and the atmosphere!

changing in random roomwhy do the guys always have to change in such random spots? stacking chairs? really?

the usual suspects“ok guys. lemme take your mugs in case any of you get in trouble later.”

walkinheather look stunning in her dress while walking down the aisle with dad.

holy chandelier, batman!at martins, they don’t mess around when it comes to chandeliers!

flower pedalsthe rose pedals on the floor and in the bouquets added just a touch of color, a nice touch of color.

dancing the night awayduring their first dance, heather and dan were totally into each other …

dancing under a giant chandelier!… and the dancing! they had some nice moves! speaking of nice moves …

go danno!… later, dan rocked the dance floor with some wicked moves.

mom off!and the moms had a little dance-off of their own!

ahhh! bubbles!the night ended with the couple running a gauntlet of bubbles! watch out!

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  • Aaron WhomsleySeptember 17, 2009 - 7:35 am

    You ask why guys get changed in random places…it’s because we really don’t care where we get changed. I have changed outside of my truck after a round of golf. Why? Because it doesn’t matter to me who sees me in my polar bear boxers.ReplyCancel

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  • franklinJanuary 14, 2010 - 8:56 am

    love the lighting!ReplyCancel

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