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bridget and tony

i rarely work at more than one wedding in one weekend, let alone at the same venue. well, last weekend was the exception! two weddings in two days at one of my favorite places to shoot, the oaks in royal oak, md. the staff is amazing and the location allows for so many different shots! love it!

bridget and tony live in frederick, but wanted a destination wedding. bridget told me a story about how she and her mom were going to look at another venue and decided to “stop by” the oaks to check it out on a whim. one look and they were sold! they never did make it to the other location. and they made the right decision – the place was amazing on their wedding day!

thank you for including me in your awesome day, bridget and tony! wendy and i had a blast.

ringalishious!bridget and tony’s rings were super cool …. and i used a super cool method of shooting them! a 50mm lens turned around creates a stylin’ marco effect.

lovinbridget was completely giddy about the bouquets, and they were awesome! thanks a million to steve ornstein from edge flowers, you guys rock!

bridal bouquet awesomeness!wow!

ready to get married!tony was lookin’ snazzy in his tux.

the gentswendy caught the guys having a laugh before the ceremony.

lap dance/make-up routinelove this! bridesmaid emily gives a little “lap dance” while doing the bride’s make-up! ha!

first look at the dress!bridget admires herself in the mirror, while mom, alicia, fixes her sash. why not? she looked incredible in that dress!

bump!a little sisterly knuckle bump!

dock loveliness!bridget and tony were married on the dock at the oaks … very cool! the lighting was nice and the slight breeze was even better!

blue eyescheck out bridget’s blue eyes, no photoshopping needed! stunning.


show some leg, ladies!these four were a fun bunch to photograph!


proud papa!bridget’s dad was awesome, getting all choked up for his speech and totally savoring the moment here!

go grandma!evan from mydeejay.com blasted kickin’ tunes while grandma marian got down. two words: duck call. enough said!

bear hug for dad!i love this moment! it may be a bit soft, focus wise, but is so perfect in every other way! that is one strong bride!


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