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softball, softball, softball

one of my all time favorite sports to shoot. everything is condensed into a tiny footprint, the action right in front of your face. unlike baseball, in which one is so distant from the players and plates, you feel like you are part of the action with a softball diamond.

so, it came time for me to cover damascus varsity softball on their home field. what a beautiful field it is, nice grass, a great little infield and the accessible lines to facilitate great angles for shooting the action.

i usually start out my softball games with an inning of shooting the pitcher. here i started from behind the dugout, my favorite spot for pitcher action. the crowd seemed big for a weekday game, but they were fiesty. a few times i heard them comment about myself and another shooter. Something about how much we moved around.

i love to move when shooting. after a few frames at one location, i need to move along to get a fresh view. very easily done shooting high school level sports, not so much when shooting professional sports. not until the last inning did i find my sweet spot at damascus. right behind the backstop is a big hill. from this hill it is possible to get high enough to shoot down on the pitcher, creating a nice clean image.

what happens after a player almost decapitates the photographer with a line drive? just a little smile and an oops!

 i like the look on her face and the clean feeling to the image.

concentrating on the coach’s signals

contact! is it me, or does her stance look odd?

aforementioned high shots of the pitcher – nice and clean.
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