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great food and crazy cool light!

well, i thought i had done it all. my time in newspaper photojournalism lasted a brief 8 years, but in that time i had had my taste of some really great new (to me at least) foods. until this past monday evening.

i had an assignment to cover the woodsboro fire carnival, and specifically their famous slippery pot pie. now i know why it is famous. this little treat is one of the tastiest things i have had in a long time while on assignment. i have always loved carnival food… elephant ears (fried dough with sugar), beef bbq, and of course, my favorite, funnel cake. but i have never had something as tasty and inviting at a carnival as the slippery pot pie. so enough said, head on down to woodsboro, md and check it out!

here it is folks, slippery pot pie!

i also had some fun that night with the setting sun and the natural glowing light it provided. the rides were mostly setup where i could not take advantage of that light, except for two. the swing ride and the “paratrooper” ride. i tried a little silhouette with the swing ride and love the result…

nice light!

i love the lines formed by the ferris wheel behind her, plus the form of the “parachute”.

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